Work-related Matters

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I’m looking for a way to enhance my ability to interview employers for positions that they are seeking to be filled.  Yes, I’m interviewing employers.  Most employer think that they are interviewing me but really it is the other way around.  I’ve come to this conclusion after being in the work force both as an employee and an employer since 1977.  So realize that this is not my first rodeo – I know what bucks and how to create a buck.

Blind-date employment

Blind dates are for people that are desperate to create a relationship because they have expended all of their known resources.  Employers act the same way these days.  Having a position that needs filled, they go out into the vast arena of eligible people and try to find “the One.”  Most blind dates are typically set up by friends or relative that have an ample supply of eligible friends.  In business terms these are head hunting firms or staffing companies.  They sift through the junk-mail types and recommend their “best” to an employer.  A more daring blind date is conducted through personal ads which takes the risk of a bad hook-up off of a relative but squarely places the burden of any bad results on the participants.  In business terms these are classified ads which do provide a level of anonymity to the business through PO Box rendezvous spots.  It’s a cattle call when an ad goes out in this manner as a multitude of resumes flood the HR departments (if a business is able to have one) and overwhelm the staff responsible for selecting “the One.”  No matter what process a business selects “the One” by, it is the interview that truly makes this a blind date scenario.

I’m going to take this to the next extreme: on-line dating services.  No one has time to sift through candidate applications “sight unseen” and make a valid selection based on a textual match to stale, outdated job description.  So I’m going to break all protocol to HR practices and submit video interviews for consideration.  That is what this portion of this site is for.  How can I do this?  Simple.

Most HR Departments have trained their people to interview candidate with a series of questions that will screen the applicant based upon their behavior when placed under certain conditions.  While they aren’t permitted to place you into “life-threatening” conditions they can as an example ask you how you dealt with a pissed-off customer staring you down.  There are number of resources for these questions out on the web all you have to do is Google “STAR Approach”.  These questions are readily available to even the “general public” so that you can be prepared for your next “blind-date” interview.  To see how I’m taking this next step, go over here to see what I’ve done so far.

Checking pride and arrogance at the door.

I may say things that come off as prideful and/or arrogant to some people.  That is not my intent.  Knowledge, as it says in the Bible, puffs up a person.  If you don’t know something, while I do, communicating about it on a level playing field is extremely difficult.  You either have to come up to speed with what I know, or I have to “dummy-down” to where you’re at.  The middle ground compromises each of our roles and requires me to teach you the basic means of communicating with me.  The process of teaching you can often appear as pride or arrogance on my part simply from ignorance about the matter on yours.  Consider this too: The opposite dynamic occurs when you must teach me.

Understanding this simple little fact, brings me to this law in life: Nobody knows everything, so quit acting like you do.