What is Mike Reading Now – Book 2?

March 5, 2011

Head First : PHP & MySQL by Lynn Beighley & Michael Morrison

What in the world is Mike up to now?  Learning how to program a website.  This book is cool!  As a teacher this book has everything that I would look for to learn from: well thought out content; nice graphics; easy to follow examples; review questions and a whole lot more.  Despite being a technical manual with over 700 pages it is very easy to follow and retain the subject matter.  The group at Head First truly understand how to get information into retain-able chunks that build upon the learning process.  This will be a really enjoyable experience in learning I can tell already.




What is Mike Reading Now – Book 1?

February 23, 2011

Rollback, by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

This book deals with the mess that the nation is presently in and looks at how to circumvent a complete fiscal collapse.  I’m only into the third chapter and already it is very evident that the real picture is not anywhere near what we are being told by anyone.  Two good things going for it are that it is very thorough in its coverage and Mr. Woods provides some sound alternatives, even though they may be drastic, to how to remedy the situation.  I can tell right away that not many people will like what he has to say, but at least it might create a dialogue to move us in a direction counter to the present movement.  Good read!


PS: Update 3/5/2011

Wow!  Very informative.  Mid-way through chapter 5 dealing with military spending as it relates to US budget expenses.  Eye popping to say the least!



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What can Mike know?

The Library

A Wealth of Old-Fashioned Knowledge

This picture is only a third of my personal library.  Yes, that is correct, I read books.  It began as a child, I admit.  It has taken a hold of me and is something that I can’t shake.  I must confess that I can’t stand reading newspapers and most magazines (there are few of these that I still venture into for “cooking” purposes) but it is books that I enjoy.  E-Books don’t truly have my interests as of yet – the lack the tactile joy of thumbing – but I’m certain that they will catch on.  Books will hold a favorable spot for me, especially because of Amazon.  Cheap used books galore!

The question most ask me when they venture into my library is, “Have you read all of these?”  I have read 97% of my library’s contents.  There is a small section that I have set aside for books that I’ m about to read, but all the rest are digested and reminders of some great adventures in thinking. So what does one do with such a repository of minds at his disposal?

I thought that it would be interesting to devote some time to providing my top-5 readings in the various areas that I have explored.  This I admit will be an on going venture since I have this nasty habit of reading more!  So whatever I provide to you today may change slightly over time, but I’m encouraged by the wonder of all of this.  I understand that your opinion of these books my not meet mine and that is good since it opens a dialogue which at any moment, through the wonders of technology, I can stop at a whim! (Read the masthead if you have an issue here.)

What do you have to look forward to for book reviews?  I tend to stay away from fiction so Nancy Drew Chronicles and the Harry Potter adventures won’t be showing up any time.  My interests have been in business, economics, marketing, history, theology, creative thinking, personal development, cooking, and technology.  I think that I’ll also devout an occasional post to a book that I’m currently reading to give you a feel for what I’m presently interested in.  i trust that you’ll enjoy and add to the liveliness of this matter with your own observations.



Atlas Shrugged – the movie FINALLY!


Finally Ayn Rand’s epic will see the screen, if only in parts.

And the best part is that it is scheduled for release on April 15th – tax day!
“Revenge is a dish best served up cold” Kahn


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Mike’s Top Health Book


The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson

I read this in January and began following its recommendations and have lost already 16 pounds in (7) weeks and feel better than I have in years.  My energy levels are not spiking and I can last almost the entire day on one meal if I want too.  You’re going to find a lot of counter-intuitive information in this book but it is all backed by scientific research that makes the “national” dictum feel mighty strange.  Some might think that this is just another fad diet, but I’ve adopted it more as a lifestyle change that addresses my present metobilic requirements.  Besides, who doesn’t love to have bacon as a dietary requirement.  Get the book and be liberated.  

I’ll keep you posted on my weight as thing progress.


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Mike’s Top Business Book


The Fourth Turning – An American Prophecy, by William Strauss and Neil Howe

This is actually a history book that every person whether in business or government absolutely needs to read.  Published in 1997, these authors took historical evidence and predicted within two years the bank crisis of 2008!  There are many more examples that you need to read for yourself.  It is a real eye opener that history truly does repeat itself.

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Hello world!

February 15, 2011

Welcome to the spot where Mike gets to be known and let it be known.  This is an ongoing venture that will expose the awesome unparalleled capacity of one man to give all that he’s got while trying to sound knowledgeable.  Thank you for taking a moment to explore what one in capable of when restraint is not an issue.  Enjoy this as you enjoy your life.


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  • Mike’s Charis Notes

    • The deity of Charis

      In this study of charis you can’t get to the heart of the matter until you understand how the ancient Greeks viewed the fundamental nature of charis.  The best way to uncover this is to look at their perceptions on a “theological” basis.  Yet everyone knows that the Greeks, as well as every other ancient civilization, had many deities that they worshiped and it makes some people squeamish when you start speaking about deities.  I don’t know if it’s because their own faith is weak or they fear that the “bogey man” is going to overtake them.  My personal take on the matter is quite simple: I know my God and there isn’t anyone higher or more worthy of praise and worship, so anything else is a piker not deserving any attention.

      Why Deify Charis?

      In the book of Acts we encounter an instance when the Apostle Paul is in Athens preparing to address the thinkers of the day at Mars Hill.  Paul notes that in his wanderings throughout the city he noticed many of the statues that had been erected for the various gods that they all worshiped, including one for whom they recognized as the “unknown god.”  This was the God that Paul subsequently referred to in his preaching of the gospel.  While Paul did not make a specific reference to seeing any statue to Charis it is most certain that it was present and it has some rather interesting aspects to it.

      The god of charis first off was not a single god.  It was always depicted as three young females called the Charites. In most of the writings the three graces, Euphrosyne, Aglaia, and Thaleia are most frequently named but there appears to have been many more depending upon the occasion as well as the location of where you were in Greece.  Primary they were the personification of charm, grace and beauty and their realm was in social discourse, manners and culture.  Even today we often speak about someone’s social graces and ability to project an air of grace and beauty.  Yet there were other areas in life that they presided over including mirth, festivity, joy and favor, dance and song, praise and glory, play, amusement, banqueting, floral decoration, happiness, rest and relaxation.

      “They are mostly described as being in the service or attendance of other divinities, as real joy exists only in circles where the individual gives up his own self and makes it his main object to afford pleasure to others. The less beauty is ambitious to rule, the greater is its victory; and the less homage it demands, the more freely is it paid. These seen to be the ideas embodied in the Charites. They lend their grace and beauty to everything that delights and elevates gods and men.

      One of the first areas of influence that the Charites shared was as goddesses of fertility and life.  Since this area of life was concerned with joyous celebration about matters that mankind could not explain it seems natural that the Greeks would create a deity to pay homage too.  They became patrons of youth, marriage and healing as their sphere of influence developed.  Their youth was an important characteristic because they eventually presided over the social gathering whereby, “good deeds, ever recalled and renewed, never grow old.

      In the Charites we see a joyful, robust, exuberance to life that the Greeks not only recognized but practiced with their entire being as a tribute to the goddesses.  This is the influence that charis had on their lives.  To speak of charis to the Greeks meant that you were drawing on a vital component which was the very essence that defines humanity.  To a Greek, charis is life.  That is what Paul, Luke and the other gospel writers recognized and how the gospel message was the ultimate charis event for all humanity – an event that only God could supply.

      Charis and Shalom to you